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Apple HomePod - White

Apple HomePod - White
  • Smart speaker with HomeKit hub
  • Four built-in microphones
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Works with iOS
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  • Wide range of IT related products
  • Low prices
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Apple HomePod

Amplify everything you hear.
HomePod is a speaker that has a lot going for it. Thanks to Apple's audio technology and advanced software, you can enjoy immersive high-fidelity sound throughout the room. HomePod intelligently adjusts this sound based on what you're playing and where it's placed, so you're surrounded by breathtaking audio wherever you go.

Bass that comes in
Thanks to its high-excursion woofer, HomePod produces deep and rich bass sound. The woofer contains a powerful motor that moves the diaphragm as much as 20 mm, while the bass EQ microphone adjusts low frequencies dynamically and in real time. The result? Crystal-clear bass that fills the room. Bam.

Clear in height
Surrounding the HomePod's base are five beam-forming tweeters. These optimize treble, so audio always sounds wonderfully clear and detailed. So you enjoy the purest vocals and hear all the nuances of instruments. As if you were there.

Sound that surrounds you.
Spatial audio creates a whole new breadth and layering of sound. The beam-forming tweeters direct primary sounds, such as vocals, to the center of the room. Other sounds, such as band accompaniment, are reflected through the walls. So no matter what you're listening to, you're always absorbed.

Adjusts acoustics in real time.
Apple silicon enables all sorts of innovations in computational audio in HomePod. Like complex real-time calculations to fine-tune sound for maximum dynamic range and acoustic performance.

Tuned to the room.
Thanks to room detection, HomePod can automatically estimate where it is in a room. Built-in microphones listen for reflections from the walls. And then it tunes the sound accordingly, so everything always sounds perfect. No matter where your HomePod is.

More than 100 million songs? Sounds great.
HomePod is made to get the most out of Apple Music.2 Listen to all your favorite songs and artists from every genre you can think of. In the highest quality, right in your home. When you have this easy access to one of the largest music collections in the world, the party never has to stop.

Even more dynamic together.
When you create a stereo pair, your favorite music sounds even better. Just put two HomePod speakers in the same room, then you can pair them. That way you get a wider soundstage and are surrounded by even more sound than with standard stereo speakers.

Just like at the movie theater.
When you pair HomePod with Apple TV 4K, you can enjoy Dolby Atmos audio and turn your living room into a movie theater. Unparalleled sound, spectacular picture and world-class content. Your favorite TV shows and movies have never been experienced like this.

A house full of music.
Get multiple HomePods and HomePod minis and fill your entire home with music. Then you can play the same song everywhere, or jazz in the kitchen and pop music in the kids' room. With audio in multiple rooms, you'll blow the roof off.

Music, podcasts and phone calls sound better.
Whatever you listen to, with HomePod everything sounds clearer and fuller. Not just music from Apple Music and other apps, but also news stories, podcasts and phone calls.
And with AirPlay, HomePod lets you enjoy your favorite audio even more.

All your devices play together.
HomePod works smoothly with your Apple devices. Audio you play on iPhone transfers effortlessly to HomePod and vice versa.6 And with "Find My," just use your voice to find a friend's whereabouts or a lost iPhone.


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Dolby technologies:
Dolby Atmos


Wireless standard:
802.11a, 802.11ac, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n

Physical characteristics

142 mm
168 mm

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