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Samsung Galaxy Buds FE - White

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE - White
  • In-ear headset
  • Bluetooth
  • Integrated microphone
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  • Wide range of IT related products
  • Low prices
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Great Value Award
'Affordable earphones with surprisingly good noise cancellation'

Face to face
Face to face
Keep your Galaxy Buds FE on, even when you're making new friends while traveling. Turn on the Interpreter app and hear translation in your ears. The Galaxy Buds FE will hear your words and your Samsung Galaxy smartphone's speaker will translate them for your new friend.

Via phone
Via the phone
The microphones of your Galaxy Buds FE record your words clearly during phone calls via Live Translate using a speech recognition algorithm. Then Live Translate on the paired Galaxy smartphone converts the words to the relevant language. Read the conversation without holding your phone to your ear.

Timeless colors to match any sound
The Graphite and Mystic White colors are timeless and ensure that you always look stylish. They perfectly match your clothing style and any occasion.

Keep external noise out of your hearing with powerful ANC
Stay in your bubble without outside noise. Active Noise Canceling lets you enjoy your music in peace. Shut out noise and immerse yourself in pure sound.

Silence at your fingertips
Turn Active Noise Canceling on or off by holding your finger on the touch zone. Want to talk to a friend next to you? Then switch to Ambient Sound mode to hear them without having to take out your earbuds.

Enriched Bass Sound
Immerse yourself in the rich sound of the Galaxy Buds FE with deep, powerful bass from the new 1-way speaker, no matter what you're listening to.

Extra listening pleasure with long-lasting battery.
Compact yet powerful. A charged battery lasts 30 hours: enough for your long playlists of music, podcasts or videos for social media.

Switch seamlessly from one device to another
Use Auto Switch, touch controls or Bixby to pair your buds with other Samsung Galaxy devices. The sound will follow automatically. Even better, the sound follows you even when you switch from your smartphone to your TV via Smart View. So you can continue watching your favorite series on a bigger screen without missing a thing.

Hi Bixby, put on my favorite song
Turn on Bixby Voice wake-up mode and use your voice to check the weather, look up music tracks, send your friends a message and more. Just say “Hi, Bixby” and Bixby will do it for you.

Find your lost buds in a snap
Lost your buds? Not for long! You'll track them down again in no time using the location feature. If they are found by someone else's phone, your contact information will be shared and that person will see a “Lost and Found” message. So you never lose sight of your Galaxy Buds FE again.

Don't forget your earbuds
Forgot something? The Galaxy Buds FE will notify you if you forget your earbuds. That saves time.

Tune the sound to your personal preferences
The Galaxy Wearable app lets you quickly personalize the settings of your Galaxy Buds FE using your Samsung Galaxy devices. From the equalizer to Bixby Voice wake-up, the intuitive and easy-to-use settings let you set your earbuds to your liking in no time.

Your favorite accessories still fit
You can still use your favorite case cover for the Galaxy Buds FE. That's because they are compatible with cases for the Galaxy Buds2, Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Galaxy Buds Live. Enjoy your earbuds without having to say goodbye to your favorite case cover.

Optimal comfort for your ears
The small, ergonomic design of the Galaxy Buds FE offers extra wearing comfort and ensures the buds stay firmly in place. Customize the fit of your earbuds with a wide selection of sizes for the wingtips and ear tips.

Your voice is perfectly understandable
Thanks to the three microphones on the Galaxy Buds FE, your voice is always perfectly understandable during phone calls. Main Mic, Sub Mic and Inner Mic all work together to best convey your voice to the listener.

The earbuds personalized for you
Galaxy Buds FE use Personalized Beamforming to automatically adapt to your wearing pattern for optimal reception of your voice. Put them in and they locate your voice when you start talking.

Make sure you can be heard clearly, even with ambient noise
Whether you're walking in a busy city or standing atop a windy mountain, the Galaxy Buds FE's DNN solution makes sure you can be heard clearly even in loud ambient noise. This is because the background noise is filtered away from your voice.


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Physical characteristics

17.1 mm
22.2 mm
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5.6 g
19.2 mm

Technical details

Connectivity technology:
True Wireless Stereo (TWS)


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