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If you are a VAT registered trader and wish to place an order over €1000,00 ex-VAT then please contact our business department at b2b@paradigit.ie where one of our team will be happy to assist. We kindly ask that you provide order details: goods required & quantities, delivery/invoicing addresses as well as a copy of your current VAT clearance certificate and your customer number. 

When your business has a valid VAT number for international business you can register a business account. Since we supply goods from the Netherlands VAT reverse charge can be applied.

I you don't have a VAT number for your business or the VAT number is only valid for domestic small business VAT will be charged, however you will receive a VAT invoice which contains all pertinent VAT information so that VAT can be claimed back at https://www.vatfree.com/  The following information is available on the VAT invoice:  

- A unique invoice number 
- Our company name and address 
- Our VAT registration number 
- Invoice date 
- Customer name and address 
- A description of the goods supplied 
- The total price both with and without VAT 
- The VAT rate applicable to the purchase

Paradigit.ie is obligated to charge VAT at the current rate of 23% on sales to private individuals. It is not possible to place orders online without paying VAT and we cannot remove VAT from orders already placed. 

Our VAT number is: IE 9991174T. VAT clearance details are available upon request.

What is VAT reverse charge?

In most cases, VAT is charged by the seller of goods or services. However, when you buy goods or services from a supplier in another EU country the reverse charge will apply and you (the buyer) will be responsible for reporting the VAT.

The aim of the reverse charge is to have VAT applied in the Member State where the customer is based, rather than where the supplier is based. This is known as the Member State of consumption. This only applies to B2B transactions.

The reverse charge means that the responsibility to report the VAT to the tax authorities falls to the customer, and their domestic rate of VAT applies. The VAT is reported in the customer’s local VAT return and does not appear in the supplier’s VAT return.

How can I change my account-type?

You may change your account-type from business/small-business to consumer (and reverse) any time when you have an account.
Go to "My Paradigit" and click "Change" under the header "Invoice details". You will need to re-enter your invoice details upon changing.