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About Paradigit


Paradigit has been active in the computer industry since 1992 and over the past 30 years has become one of the best known computer specialists in the Netherlands.

Since 1992 Paradigit has supported its clients with finding the right solution for every IT challenge. We do this for consumers and companies in various markets such as: education, SME and governments. With full focus on E-commerce, Paradigit offers a wide range of laptops, desktops, tablets, components, and peripherals. We also offer our clients a comprehensive and customer-friendly service thanks to our technical knowledge and experience.

Did you know?
  • That the name Paradigit is a contraction of the words paradigm (view) and digital
  • Paradigit began in a small attic room
  • Paradigit grew into the largest and best retail chain in the Netherlands and later into an online e-commerce IT specialist.
  • Paradigit has its own line of desktop computers under the 'Built by Paradigit' label
  • Paradigit was formerly known as komplett
  • Paradigit due to its 25th anniversary in 2017 built the 'best gaming PC' ever. The Paradigit Voyager worth €13,999.
  • Paradigit was voted 'Best Computer Store in the Netherlands' no less than 10 times in a row.
  • Paradigit is also active in the Netherlands and Belgium