The product warranty is designed to protect you as a consumer so that you can enjoy a reliable product. As a consumer you have the right to two years of warranty. In order for a product to qualify for a warranty claim, it must have been used in a normal way, as can be reasonably expected.

On consumables such as batteries and cartridges, limited warranty terms apply.

In the following cases, the consumer has no rights to legal warranty:
1. When damage or defects have been intentionally caused or are a result of gross negligence;
2. When damage or defects have been caused by incorrect or improper use of a product;
3. When maintenance of a product has not been carried out in a timely manner or maintenance has been carried out improperly;
4. When a product is used outside of personal use;
5. When a product has been exposed to humidity, extreme heat, cold, or drought;
6. When (over)heating has been caused due to exposing the product to heat sources;
7. When repairs have been carried out either by you or by a third party without first receiving the express, written permission from Paradigit;
8. In the case of normal wear and tear;
9. In the case of external causes (such as fire, lightning, water, fall and impact damage);
10. When the defect has been caused by a virus, illegal software, or after improper installation of software.

For more information please refer to our Terms&Conditions.