When you return a product to Paradigit, it is important that it reaches us in good condition and without accounts or lock patterns. We have set up a few rules to make sure the packaging is sufficient when you send us a product.

If you return a product under "Dead on arrival" or Cooling off terms, the product must be returned as it was shipped, including all original packaging and all accessories. If you have set up a password or account on the product, you will need to remove this before sending the product back. 

When you return a product for repair, please keep the following in mind:

  • Remove all passwords, pin codes, lock patterns and accounts from your device and perform a factory software reset. For Apple branded devices, please also ensure that the device has been removed from  iCloud/ Find My iPhone. If the return center is unable to access the device it will be shipped back to you so that you can remove your personal information. 
  • Pack the product securely using resilient materials (original shipping box preferred).
  • Make sure the box is sufficiently filled with protective packing materials, so the chance of damaging the product in transit is minimal.
  • Never place multiple products in one box, as the products can damage each other during transit.
  • If you send us a product for repair, there is no need to include the accesories, unless they are part of the fault.The only exception are tablets. When sending a tablet for repair, please include the charger.
  • When you send us a product for repair, the state in which the product reaches Paradigit is your own responsibility.
  • Computer components sensitive to electrostatic charges must be packed in an anti-static packaging to be eligible for warranty coverage.

Paradigit will always package products in materials that are suitable for transport. If you send us a product in unsuitable packaging, we will repackage the product before returning it. The unsuitable packaging will not be returned to you.

Always remember to include a copy of the invoice when you return a product to us and stick the UPS label onto the box in a visible spot.