When you shop on Paradigit you are entitled to a 14 day 'Cooling Off' period. During this time you can decide to return an item purchased from our store for a refund or exchange without giving any reason. Please note that certain limitations apply to your right of withdrawal, and we encourage you to familiarise yourself with these requirements prior to delivery. From the point of delivery you are responsible for the care of the product including any packaging, accessories, manuals or other items included with the product. We will charge €10,-for the shipping and handling charges for returning a product under the Right of Withdrawal. 

There are also certain exclusions to the Right of Withdrawal. Items which have been built to order, or are otherwise personalised are not covered under 'Cooling off'. Furthermore, items which have been used, damaged, or are incomplete may be refused a refund entirely, or we may credit a reduced amount. In practice, you may inspect an item to determine its suitability but you cannot use the item. Any action which will render a product 'used' will void your right of withdrawal. Be aware that the right of withdrawal does not apply to business customers. Please create a personal account when you wish to order for personal use and qualify for the Right of Withdrawal.

We recommend that you look at the European Consumer Centre for more information about your rights when buying online.

 You CAN return under cooling off if:

  • If the order was placed using a personal account (i.e. not a business/commercial account)
  • The item is unused
  • There is no visible damage or signs of use
  • The product, including all accessories, manuals and packaging are being returned in the same state as when they were dispatched.

Special cases where the right of withdrawal does not apply:

  • Products made / assembled to your specifications.
  • Sealed audio or video recordings or computer software you have opened.
  • Opened, installed or registered software.
  • Product for which there are hygiene considerations, such as headphones, headsets or earphones and which have been unsealed/opened.
  • Unsealed/opened consumables (such as ink cartridges, DVD-R cleaning fluid).

Furthermore, we will refund a reduced amount* if:

  • The product's packaging is damaged meaning it then cannot be resold.
  • Where components (manuals, cables, adapters, etc) are not returned.

To return a product under cooling off please fill in this form.

*In this case we will send you some compensation, which means that you will receive 75% of the original purchase price from us.