Paradigit offers the flexibility to pay with VISA, MasterCard or PayPal, and unlike many other retailers, we don't charge transactions fees.
We have a sincere wish to protect you, our valued customer, and we go to great lengths to ensure the security of your details on our Site. For greater security we use a third party payment provider to process payments through Doing so allows us to process your order without the need to retain credit card or other sensitive data. In addition, our payment systems meet the strict security standards of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). We meet or exceed the key PCI DSS requirements:

• We never use vendor-supplied defaults for passwords or other security parameters.
• The transmission of cardholder data and sensitive information is always encrypted.
• Anti-virus software and firewalls are maintained to protect customer data.
• All access to restricted data is governed by a business 'need-to-know' framework.
• We assign a unique ID to each person with computer access.
• Physical access to systems infrastructure is tightly controlled.
• We track and monitor all access to network resources and cardholder data.
• Security systems and processes are routinely audited and improved.

We go beyond the requirements of the PCI DSS and require that every credit card authorization be verified using Visa/MasterCard SecureCode authentication schemes. This goes further towards ensuring that the person using a credit card is actually the cardholder.
All transfer of sensitive information in the checkout and account pages is protected with industry standard 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

About 3-D Secure and SecureCode

With 3-D CVC and SecureCode paying by Credit Card is safe and secure. 3-D Secure and SecureCode are used by e-commerce retailers around the world to make payment on the internet as safe as possible. The 3D-Secure technology was developed by Visa and is offered under the brand name Verified by Visa. Similar functionality is offered for MasterCard customers with the SecureCode system. 3-D Secure and SecureCode are an extra step when placing your order and go further to ensure your safety.

After three failed payment attempts, the system places a temporary 72 hour block on purchases attempted from that specific IP address to prevent fraud.