When you are paying for an order on our website and receive an error message such as 'Payment refused by merchant' there are a few possible causes:

Information is incomplete

When paying for orders on our website, it is important to fill in all the fields in the form. If one is skipped, payment will be refused. 

A foreign credit card has been used

Our system only accepts credit cards issued in the Republic of Ireland. If you are attempting to pay using a card issued in any other country, the system will refuse. You can try using a different payment method, such as Paypal. 

A foreign IP address has been used

Our system only accepts payments made from within the Republic of Ireland. If the system rejects payment even though the credit card was issued in Ireland, you may be on a foreign IP address. Even if you are in Ireland, the IP address could still be from another country as some offices are behind a proxy server. This can make it seem like the computer you are using is not in Ireland. You could try paying from another IP address, your home computer for example.

Too many attempts have been made

After three failed payment attempts, our system places a temporary 72 hour block on purchases attempted from that specific IP address. This is a safety measure that protects our customers from fraud.