The sticker found on computers and laptops is also known as the “Quality Seal.” As long as the sticker is undamaged, you can be assured that no one has disturbed the inside of your computer and therefore your computer has not been damaged internally. This seal provides extra peace of mind for the consumer and ensures the warranty of the product.

Performing upgrades

We understand that you may want to perform upgrades on your computer or laptop. In this case, you are permitted to break the quality seal. Please keep in mind that the warranty lapses if any damage is incurred during upgrading.

What should I keep in mind if my product is faulty?

If your product should fail while under warranty, you should remove any additional hardware that you have placed inside the case and replace it with the original hardware. The product must be provided in original condition for repairs to be made. Any hardware which is not original to the product will be removed and destroyed.
You should also keep in mind that the warranty will be voided in the case of user damage. If you would like to carry out a repair for an out of warranty product, the repair costs will be charged to you. You will also be charged the research costs for determining what is defective with the machine. Only when you decide to have the product destroyed will the research fees become invalid.