On the back of your product you will often find one or more stickers that show you which product it is you have. It can be difficult to recognize what the different numbers mean.

Model number

The model number is the name of your product. You can normally find this under 'Model' or 'Product'.

Version number

You can often find the version number under 'Version' or 'Revision'. Sometimes the version number is mentioned right after the model number and simply indicated with a 'V'

Product number

The product number or manufacturer's SKU can often be found under 'Product' or 'P/N'

Serial number

The serial number is your product's unique identification number. You will often need this number for service requests, or to register your product on the manufacturer's website. You can normally find this number under 'Serial' or 'S/N'

IMEI number

The IMEI number is comparable to the serial number, except that it only applies to devices that are connected to a mobile network, such as smartphones or tablets with 3G/4G functionality. You can find this number by 'calling' *#06#